Welcome in our web site ......... work in progress .......

Welcome in our web site .........  work in progress ....... - Tutto Spina

Our company has great experience and professionalism in the services and systems administration, a sector which has been operating for over 20 years.

The headquarters of Tutto Spina in Florence, where in the office from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm, will welcome Elisa in the warehouse and workshop, from 15.00 to 17.00, you can find Mario. Around local assistance, David, Gianni, Marco, Paolo and Stefano, as needed. A detachment lies in the logistics of Pisa, where colleagues Simone, Salvatore and Michele arrive quickly in the surrounding areas, is subject to another center in the province of La Spezia with his colleague Piero.

David Bucci, owner of Tutto Spina was born in Florence in 1969. Began working as a technician in 1986 and continues to Prinz employed first as a freelancer and then, with the best service centers (Toscospina / Tecno Beer), in collaboration with leading wholesalers and manufacturers of beer and soft drinks.
In 1993, in collaboration with the Sibe, is organizing the first edition of Rock Beer Festival (the second in 1994), one of the first musical events to promote the beer in Florence.
In 1995 he began working with the Birra Forst spa, beer special tradition, culture and above all love for beer and the people. After 15 years thanks to work done in conjunction with Il Palagio rappresentanze and the various diligent distributors in Tuscany (Eurobevande, BIAM, Calonaci, SBF, Venturini, GPFood, Davini, GF1, etc), the all pin comes to the assistance of more than 700 dispensing equipment, from the initial 150. After years of experience and passion for beer, today the range of technical assistance was also extended to coffee machines.

Our professionalism and experience are at your disposal to try to meet your every need.
We work with extensive assistance throughout the central and northern Tuscany, do technical support for over 1000 dispensing equipment, including those owned by Birra Forst spa, "birra allo stato puro " Our service also extends to other equipment that make up your room.

Tutto Spina produces, sells and rents the following types of products: Dispensing Equipment for the beer, wine, soft drinks, purified water at all levels.

Recently, we also specialize in equipment rentals for a long period of professional coffee machines as Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino, if fitted with your equipment, you can even buy the raw materials at affordable prices, save THE BEGINNING!

In today's economy, more than ever, the professional has a key role. You're a modern entrepreneur of your local, try to share that idea on the new way of working with coffee.

With our partners, in a totally flexible, we can offer you the opportunity to increase the quality of service you receive and the products you use, and promotion of your choice.
This new way of work needs to be known, with our partners we are able to sponsor your local, are also ready to invest in local "right" for our entry.

Ask us how!

It will be a pleasure to welcome you in our pages in Italian.


Tutto Spina di Bucci David

Project financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

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